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Configure your Cookie Banner

This article will guide you through the process of how configuring your Enzuzo cookie consent banner.

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How to configure your Enzuzo cookie consent banner

To start configuring your cookie consent banner, please log in to Enzuzo and from the left-hand dashboard navigation, click Cookie Consent.

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Display Options

In the display section of your website, you can choose when to show the cookie banner to your visitors.

The display options are:

  • Banner Behavior: You have the option to disable the website until the user has accepted or declined cookies.

  • Display Banner First: Sometimes when a website has multiple pop-ups they can conflict with each other. If you select this, your cookie banner will show on top of any other chat widgets and other website pop-ups you have on your website.

Button options

You can configure your cookie banner button, banner text and display options settings in this section.

Certain privacy laws like GDPR require specific consent settings for your banner to be considered fully compliant. We have highlighted those settings and labelled them GDPR.

We recommend that you keep the following settings enabled:

  • Accept (Allow cookies)

  • Decline (Decline use of cookies)

  • Cookie Manager (Show manager link)

Please note: Some businesses prefer to have a minimal cookie banner with fewer links and settings. This is entirely optional, however; if you don't keep the above settings turned on, your banner might not be 100% compliant.

Banner Text

In this section, you can customize the wording of your cookie banner's links and buttons.

  • Message text: What you would like the cookie banner to say

  • Privacy Policy Link Text: The link text which leads to your privacy policy

  • Cookie Manager Link Text: The link text which leads to your cookie manager

  • Allow All: This is to edit the Accept/Allow button

  • Decline Button Text: This is to edit the Decline/Reject button

  • Privacy Policy URL: Add your privacy policy URL. We've defaulted to our Enzuzo privacy policy, but you can change it out to a page URL of your choice. This will show up as "Learn More" on your banner.

Cookie banner languages

To change your cookie banner language you can choose your preferred language from the dropdown menu.

Please note: Your cookie banner will only show in the language you select.

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