Why do I need a cookie banner?

To maintain GDPR compliance your website must display a cookie consent banner which allows the user to accept/decline the use of cookies while browsing your site.


  1. Before adding your Enzuzo cookie banner to your store, make sure you configure it correctly in the cookie banner settings of the Enzuzo dashboard.

  2. Once the cookie banner is configured to your liking, click “Add to Website” and then “Copy to clipboard”. Now the code snippet that you will need later is saved on your clipboard.

  3. On Wix, click Site, then “Go to Editor” for more design options. Then press “Switch to Editor”.

  4. On the top left of the screen, click on the plus and add a “Custom Embed” from the Embeds tab. Then choose the “Embed a Widget” option.

  5. For now don’t worry about where the embed appears on the screen. Just resize it so that its width takes up the entire width of the page. Then right click on the embed and press “Pin to Screen”. ** Please ensure to complete this step before moving on as you may experience some unexpected display results. **

  6. Pin it to the bottom middle position, then change the Vertical offset to 0.

  7. Right click the embed again and turn on “Show on All Pages”.

  8. Finally, right click on the embed once more, press “Enter Code”, and paste the snippet that was copied from the Enzuzo app into the code box.

  9. Now you can save and publish your Wix store, and you will see the cookie banner at the bottom of every page.

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