Design your Cookie Banner

In this article, we will walk you through the steps to edit your banner layout and colors.

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How to edit the design of your Enzuzo cookie banner

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Banner Layout

In this section, you can change the design of your cookie banner. We make it super easy to customize your banner to match your website’s branding to get a seamless look.

Our design options include:

  • Banner Size: Small, Medium and Large options

  • Banner Style: We have 9 different design templates to choose from. You can see live examples of each in our cookie banner preview section

  • Animation Style: No animation, Fade-in, Pop or Slide

  • Button Style: Default, Border, Classic, Edgeless

  • Banner Drop Shadow: Toggle on to add a drop shadow to your banner

Design examples:

Bottom Center Floating

Card - Bottom / Left

Center Floating

Banner Colors

In this section, you can edit the color palette of your cookie banner. We have some pre-existing templates you can choose from:

  • Light

  • Dark

  • Custom

Or if you’d like to match your cookie banner to your website design you can add in your custom HEX codes to the following components:

  • Background Color

  • Banner Text Color

  • Link Color

  • Button Color

  • Button Hover Color

  • Button Text Color

Everything is viewable in the Banner Preview section and can be easily edited at any time.

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