Why do I need this feature?

Processing your data privacy requests in a timely manner ensures that you stay compliant with data privacy laws, giving the customer a great privacy experience, and helps build brand trust.


  1. From the Enzuzo admin app home screen, click on the Requests dropdown and select the Active Requests tab from the sidebar.

  2. From the list of requests, select the data request you would like to process. Clicking on it will open up the request details in a drop-down.

    Active Requests

    Note: The customer will have to confirm their email address before you can process the data request. If they have not confirmed their email yet, you can resend the email confirmation by clicking on the green Resend Confirmation button in the bottom right corner.

    Request Detail

  3. Review the data request type:

    1. Unsubscribe customer: Remove customer from marketing communications.

    2. Delete customer: Remove customer from your CRM or from Shopify Customers.

    3. Information: Send the customer a copy of their personal information you have in your records.

  4. Process the request:To comply with the request, click the green button at the bottom of the request pop-up. Please note: The green button text will be different based on the data request type.

    1. To reject the data request, select the Reject Request button.

  5. If you comply with the request, a customizable email template pop-up will open, which will automatically include the information requested by the customer. You can edit the standard email template text before selecting the Send to Customer button.

    Review Information

  6. Click the Send to Customer button to complete the data privacy request.

  7. Once your data request has been completed it will show in the Completed Requests tab with the completion date and details.

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