Setting up your DSAR workflow

Learn how to set up your DSAR forms to collect and streamline data requests right into your Enzuzo dashboard.

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How to collect customer data requests

There are two ways that customers or users can submit Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) that will streamline directly into your Enzuzo dashboard.

Option #1: Enzuzo privacy policy

Customers will have the ability to make a data request in just a few clicks through the built-in form embedded in your Enzuzo privacy policy. They can click the “Make a Data Privacy Request'' button at the bottom of your Enzuzo privacy policy, under the section labelled “9. Contact Us”.

How it works

1. In the Privacy Policy questionnaire, Contact Options Section 3/16, you will be able to select ways that customers can contact you for privacy questions.

2. Check off the box Data Request Form on Privacy Policy and you will see a button appear under section 10, Contact Us.

3. The button leads to a Data Request Form where customers can submit requests which will show up in your Enzuzo DSAR dashboard ready to process.

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Option #2: Enzuzo DSAR form / page

Many businesses also choose to add a standalone page to your website which contains the DSAR form to make it easier for their customers to find and submit requests. An easy way to collect these data requests is by using a form on your website.

We’ve created a turnkey form that you can add to your footer, which collects and streamline your requests into your Enzuzo dashboard.

How it works

1. Under Manage DSARs go to Data Request Form in the left navigation.

2. Configure your form to match your website design. You can edit the title, body text, and button colors. You can also add custom CSS.

3. Lastly, you can add your DSAR form to your website by embedded the HTML directly into a blank page in your website builder.

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Should I use both submission options?

We highly recommend using both DSAR submission options (both Enzuzo privacy policy and a standalone DSAR form) as it increases visibility on your website which will show customers your business is trustworthy.

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