How many DSARs can I process per month?

Learn about the data request limits for each pricing plan.

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Taking a look at the list below will help you decide which billing plan is right for you given how many customers your store has, and how many data requests you predict to receive in a month.

DSAR processing limits per plan:

  • Free Plan: 3 per month

  • Starter Plan: 10 per month

  • Growth Plan: 50 per month

  • Pro Plan: Unlimited

  • Agency Plan: Unlimited

To learn more please view our pricing page.

What do these request limits mean?

The Enzuzo admin app provides automated data request processing for all Information, Unsubscribe, and Deletion requests made in your store.

Your plan limits the amount of requests you can accept for processing in a given month; when you reach your limit, requests can continue to be made, but you will only be able to accept and automatically process them from the admin app in the next month.

Until then, the requests will remain in your Active Requests tab and you will be able to reject but unable to accept them.

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