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Cookie Banner - Shopify Advanced
Cookie Banner - Shopify Advanced
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Why do I need a cookie banner?

To maintain GDPR compliance your website must display a cookie consent banner which allows the user to accept/decline the use of cookies while browsing your site.

Should I use the Shopify App?

For basic configurations, we do recommend using our Shopify App. The main limitation with the App is that there is limited control of how the cookie banner can be loaded. The main advantage is that it is not tied to the theme and the banner will still work if you change the theme, without the need to install again.


  1. Before adding your Enzuzo Cookie Banner to your site, make sure you configure it correctly in the cookie banner settings from the Enzuzo dashboard through the "Configure" page on the top nav.

  2. Once you’ve customized your cookie banner to your liking, go to your Shopify Admin Dashboard, click on "Online Store", and choose the "Edit Code" option next to the "..." of your theme.

  3. On the Edit Code left hand navigation, click on "Add a new snippet" under Snippets

  4. name the snippet "enzuzo-banner" (.liquid is pre-filled) and click "Done"

  5. paste your installation script into this page and then click "Save"

  6. open "theme.liquid" file under Layout. Somewhere near the top of the <head> section, insert the "{% render 'enzuzo-banner' %}" line. Click Save.

  7. the cookie banner should now be live on your Shopify site.

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