Once your Enzuzo hosted Privacy Policy is live on your website, customers will have the ability to make a data request in just a few clicks through the built-in form embedded in your Enzuzo privacy policy!

Here's how it works:

  1. When a customer visits your privacy policy, they can click the “Make a Data Privacy Request'' button at the bottom of your Enzuzo privacy policy, under the section labelled “9. Contact Us”.

    Make a Data Request Button

  2. Next, the customer must specify what type of request they would like to make by selecting one of the multiple-choice options. Their selection will be visible to you in your list of active requests.

    Data Request Type

  3. The customer must then fill in their personal information, including:

    1. Their full name

    2. Their email

    3. Their country of residence.

  4. The customer can review the details of their request before selecting the “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the page.

    Submit Request Button

  5. After the customer submits the request, it will show up in your Enzuzo dashboard, as well as in your Active Requests tab.

    Active Requests Button

  6. Finally, the customer must check the email used in the personal information section to verify their identity. Once they have clicked the “Verify” button located in the email, the request will be ready to process.

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