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Configure Privacy Policy Questionnaire
Configure Privacy Policy Questionnaire

This article will guide you through the process of configuring Enzuzo’s privacy policy generator questionnaire for your business.

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How to Configure your Privacy Policy Questionnaire

  1. Go to your Enzuzo dashboard

  2. In the left navigation click Policies > Privacy Policy

  3. Fill out the questionnaire answers based on your business

We have two versions of our privacy policy depending on which plan you’re on:

Basic Privacy Policy (Free Plan)

  • 4 questions

  • Best for businesses just getting started

Advanced Privacy Policy (Starter+ Plans)

  • 18 questions

  • Best for established businesses

Enzuzo's Privacy Policy generator advanced questionnaire

1. Business Type

What type of website or app do you operate?

  • Website

  • Ecommerce

  • Mobile app

  • SaaS

  • Online marketplace

2. Business Details

Fill out your business details

  • Legal Business Name

  • Business Address

  • City

  • Country

  • State / Province

  • Zip / Postal Code

  • Display address in policy

  • Does your business use a different name than the business's legal name?

    • Yes

    • No

3. Contact Options

How can customers reach you for additional privacy questions?

  • Data request form

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Contact name

4. Website Cookies (Starter Plan+)

How does your website use cookies?

  • Not at all

  • For use with your web application

  • To remember user preferences

  • To personalize content

  • Analyze traffic

  • To personalize ads from third parties (that appear on your website)

  • Share information with third-party advertisers and partners (not from their ads)

  • Allow third parties to place cookies or similar tools on your site (not managed by you)

  • Do you use GPC? Yes or No

5. Privacy Laws (Starter Plan+)

In what regions do you have customers?

  • United States CCPA


  • Canada PIPEDA

  • Brazil LGPD

  • South Africa POPIA

  • Worldwide

6. Data Transfers (Starter Plan+)

Which of the following applies to Personal Data you process from your European Customers?

  • We do not process personal data of EU customers or engage in processing activities in the EU

  • We process personal data of EU customers or engage in processing activities in the EU but we only transfer personal data within the EU

  • We only transfer EU customer data in locations considered adequate to the EU

  • We transfer EU customer data within the US but only with services that have Standard Contractual Clauses

  • We are unsure where EU data is kept

7. Regions (Starter Plan+)

Do you have company offices? Yes or No

In what regions do you have company offices?

  • United States US LAWS


  • Canada PIPEDA

  • Brazil LGPD

  • South Africa POPIA

  • Worldwide

8. Location Type (Starter Plan+)

Location type of office:

  • Retail or storefront

  • Private office

  • Shared office

  • Home

  • URL of the website that lists company locations

9. Personal Data (Starter Plan+)

Does your site collect any personal data? Yes or No

What personal data do you collect? (Check all that apply)


  • Name (first and last)

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Shipping address

  • Billing address

  • Financial Information

  • Purchase Information

  • Mobile Device Identifiers

  • Location Data


  • Government Identifiers

  • Work-related information

  • Demographic Data

  • Account registration information

  • User Feedback

  • Social media

  • Product information

  • User Generated Content

  • Other personal data

10. Sensitive Data (Starter Plan+)

Does your site collect any sensitive personal data? Yes or No

11. Usage Information I (Starter Plan+)

Do you collect any usage information? Yes or No

What usage information do you collect? (Check all that apply)

  • Device IDs

  • Login information

  • IP address

  • Time stamps

  • Authentication records

  • Location information

  • Individual products viewed

  • Web terms or searches that led to your site

  • Time zone

  • Other operational data

12. Usage Information II (Starter Plan+)

Why do you collect this information? (Check all that apply)

  • Providing our product or service

  • Building a safe and secure environment

  • Improving our products and services

  • Provide you with technical and customer support

  • Organize and deliver advertising and marketing

  • For research and development

  • To communicate with you about the products and services

  • Other

13. Marketing (Starter Plan+)

Do you use Google Analytics on your site? Yes or No

Do you use remarketing? (When you track people who have visited your site and show them ads for your products elsewhere) Yes or No

14. Policy Application (Starter Plan+)

Is your business certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework? Yes or No

The policy will apply to your website. Would you also like this policy to apply to your emails, newsletters, text, or phone? Yes or No

15. Minimum Age (Starter Plan+)

What is the minimum age of individuals that can purchase your product/service?

  • 13 Years

  • 16 Years

  • 18 Years

  • 19 Years

  • 21 Years

  • No minimum age

16. Tools (Starter Plan+)

Add tools that store customers' personal information (Check all that apply)

  • Shopify

  • Wix

  • Klaviyo

  • HubSpot

17. Effective Date

What is the effective date of this privacy policy?

If you have any questions about our privacy policy questionnaire please reach out to us at or reach out in the support chat!

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