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Design your Privacy Policy
Design your Privacy Policy

In this article, we will explain the different design options for your privacy policy.

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Step 1: Policy Style

  • Language: In this section, you can choose the default privacy policy language that will appear on your website. Customers will still be able to change the language using a selector once it's live on your website.

  • Privacy Policy Title: Here you can edit the title of your privacy policy. If you don't want to use our default built-in title you can leave it blank and it won't show up.

  • Border Style: Select a border style for your accordion-style drop-down. You can choose between a border, drop shadow or no border.

  • Display Style: You can choose if your privacy policy accordion is default-closed or default-open. Tip: We recommend defaulting to closed as it's easier for customers to pick and choose what section they want to read.

Important Note: If you choose the Embedded Installation option, we will pull your existing website's CSS styling to give your new site a seamless branded look and feel.

Step 2: Button Style

  • Data Request Button Text: Edit the button text

  • Button Color: Match your DSAR button to your existing website design

    • Background Color

    • Background Hover Color

    • Text Color

    • Text Hover Color

  • Border Button Radius: Adjust how round you want your corners

Step 3: Advanced

  • Top Offset: If your website has a fixed header, you can increase the top offset setting to shift the Policy further down the page.

  • Last Updated: You can update your policy date as you make changes. We will also automatically update this date, any time we make a policy update as legislation changes.

  • Hide powered by Enzuzo: On a paid Enzuzo plan, this gives you the option to remove our Enzuzo branding (Powered by Enzuzo logo) from the bottom of your privacy policy.

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