The Enzuzo cookie manager’s goal is to give website owners the ability to allow their customers to tailor their browsing experience to their liking. Mainly allowing the user to pick and choose which cookie services to allow before accepting/declining from the cookie consent banner.

The cookie manager has the ability to scan for known services (currently only support services integrated directly with shopify (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel) and display them automatically in the cookie consent manager. These services that are integrated with shopify will respect the shopify consent API and will adjust service injection upon user accept/decline. For shopify users looking to set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel they can find the setting in Shopify under Online Store > Preferences.

To add custom services please follow the guide below:

Navigate to Cookie Banner > Cookie Manager - Click on Add Service

Cookie Manager Settings

Please note, that services added must include a script tag. Without a script tag the cookie manager does not know how to handle the script/service upon user consent.

Within the “Add Service” dialog, please specify the cookie category (Functional, Analytics, Marketing or Preferences), the service name and description. Code snippet is necessary to allow the service toggles to function. Without a script the cookie manager will not have a service to inject upon acceptance.

Add Service

If you are unsure of the script to be added, please refer to any documentation provided by the service provider on how to go about adding their script to a web page. In our case, we are not adding the script to the website itself, we are allowing the cookie manager to handle the injection of the script depending on if the user accepts or declines the use of cookies.

Upon clicking “Save” you will see the service added to the Cookie Manager service table as shown in the following screenshot.

Service Setting

Shopify Side Note: The majority of shopify applications respect the shopify consent API and if you are confident in the app respects the shopify consent API you can safely add a blank script tag in the code snippet section. Doing so will ensure the cookie manager will allow the service category to be toggled on/off.

Your newly added service will now be shown on the rendered cookie manager like in the screenshot below.

Cookie Preferences

Having Issues?

Launching cookie manager.

We have found that with some website/themes, there are plugins that are in use that hijack the use of the hash symbol #, causing our default manage cookies link not to function. If this is the case for your website, we have also added the ability to launch the cookie manager with a query parameter. In place of #manage_cookies use ?manage_cookies to get around any theme issues related to the use of the hash.

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