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Do Not Sell My Info (CCPA) - Shopify
Do Not Sell My Info (CCPA) - Shopify

Do Not Sell My Info page installation for Shopify

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Why do I need a CCPA page?

Alongside making your brands data policies widely available to customers, the CCPA also requires you to give your customers some control over how their data is used. The most obvious example of this is that customers must have the opportunity to opt out of the sale of their personal data.


  1. Before adding your Enzuzo Do Not Sell My Information page to your store, make sure you configure it correctly in the Do Not Sell My Info settings from the Enzuzo dashboard through the "Configure" page on the top nav.

  2. Log into your Shopify account. Click on Online Store, located in the vertical left-hand menu, then select Navigation from the menu that has appeared.

    Sales Channels -> Navigation

  3. On the right will be a section labelled “Menus”.


  4. If you don’t have a Footer menu yet, you can create one by clicking “Add Menu” in the top right corner. If you prefer to have your Do Not Sell My Info link elsewhere on your store, you can select the Menu of your choice.

  5. Click on the Menu Title you want to add your Do Not Sell My Info link.

  6. Under the section labelled Menu Items, select Add Menu Item.

    Add Menu Item
  7. In the popup, you will be prompted to type in a Name and Link.

    • Name the page: Do Not Sell My Info

    • Add the link: /apps/enzuzo/do-not-sell

    • Click the green Add button.

      Set menu name and link
  8. Select the green Save menu button and you’re done! You’ll now see your Do Not Sell My Info link within the footer of your Shopify store.

Save menu

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