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Terms of Service - Blogger
Terms of Service - Blogger

Terms of Service Installation Instructions for Blogger

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Why do I need terms of service?

Terms of Service (also called Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use or EULA - End User License Agreement) set the way in which your product, service or content may be used, in a legally binding way. They are crucial for protecting your content from a copyright perspective as well as for protecting you from potential liabilities.


  1. Before adding your Enzuzo Terms of Service to your site, make sure you configure it correctly in the terms of service settings from the Enzuzo dashboard through the "Configure" page on the top nav.

  2. Once you’ve customized your terms of service to your liking, click “Add to Website” in the top nav.

  3. On the "Add to Website" page, click the “Copy Code to Clipboard” button to copy the embed code snippet.

  4. On Blogger, select “NEW PAGE” from the left-side menu.

    New Page
  5. Title the page “Terms of Service” and then switch the view from “Compose view” to “HTML view” by clicking on the first item in the menu bar.

    Compose view -> HTML view
  6. Here place your copied auto generated terms of service code snippet and then click update to keep your changes.

    paste code snippet -> update
  7. To add your new Terms of Service to the footer or header of your blog select "Layout" from the left-side menu.

  8. Select “Add a Gadget” then scroll down and select “Pages”.

    Add a Gadget -> Pages
  9. Delete the current Home page from the page list and then select “ADD A NEW ITEM”.

    Add a New Item
  10. Name the page “Terms of Service” and select the previously created Terms of Service page URL as the page URL and then save your changes.

    Terms of Service page name and URL
  11. Click and drag your newly created gadget to the footer section and then save!

    Drag to Footer
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