Why would I want to use the cookie banner to manage Google Analytics code injection?

When utilizing the Enzuzo cookie banner to manage custom services like Google Analytics, there is always the question if the service will actually be turned off if a user declines the use of cookies. With the Enzuzo cookie banner, since we control the injection of code, and manage the user's cookie preferences you can be certain that if a user disabled analytics tracking the code will not be injected into the page.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Cookie Banner > Cookie Manager

  2. Click on Add Service

  3. Choose Category: Analytics

  4. Name the Service (Google Analytics)

  5. Provide a description of the service

  6. Enable requires code snippet toggle

  7. Paste in Google Analytics Code

  8. Click Save

    Add Service

*Notes: Custom services are included in the “accept all” consent and will be injected along with other cookies/services upon users consent, but not before. If a user opens the cookie manager the custom service will be toggled to disabled, in which case the user can “Accept Selected” current configuration of services, “Allow All” or “Decline

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