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How many languages does Enzuzo come in?
How many languages does Enzuzo come in?

In this article, we list off the languages that Enzuzo is translated in.

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Why do I need this?

Taking a quick look at this list will help you ensure that Enzuzo is right for your business location and audience.

The Enzuzo app and hosted privacy policy is available in 25 languages including:

  • Bulgarian (BG)

  • Croatian (HR)

  • Czech (CZ)

  • Danish (DK)

  • Dutch (NL)

  • English (US)

  • Estonian (EE)

  • Finnish (FI)

  • French (FR)

  • German (DE)

  • Greek (GR)

  • Hungarian (HU)

  • Irish (IE)

  • Italian (IT)

  • Latvian (LV)

  • Lithuanian (LT)

  • Luxembourgish (LU)

  • Maltese (LT)

  • Polish (PL)

  • Portuguese (PT)

  • Romanian (RO)

  • Slovak (SK)

  • Slovenian (SI)

  • Spanish (ES)

  • Swedish (SE)

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