1. Starting from the Enzuzo Privacy Portal home screen. Click on the Settings icon located in the top right corner.

    Gear Icon

  2. Click on the Cookie Banner section.

    Cookie Banner Settings

  3. From here, you can change different elements of your cookie banner within four different sections:

    1. Banner Settings: Edit text, URLs, and button messaging.

    2. Banner Configuration: Choose your cookie banner mode, button style, and banner size.

    3. Color: Change the colors of your cookie banner.

    4. Analytics: Add a HubSpot Tracking ID, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

  4. Make sure to click the Save Button, located in the bottom right corner of each section, to save your changes as you go.

  5. Lastly, activate your cookie banner by scrolling to the top of the Cookie Banner section and clicking on the yellow Activate button.

    Active Cookie Banner

  6. The cookie consent banner will now be live on your store!

  7. One thing to note: If you have Show Only in EU toggled ON, you may not see your own cookie banner if you’re located outside the UK.

Show in EU Only

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