Why do I need this feature?

Use this feature when you receive a customer data request from an external source.

For example, your customer may request you to unsubscribe them from your email list or delete them from your system by replying to customer support or marketing email. Other places customers may make requests include social media, live chat, and more.

Manually add your customer data request to get reminders and ensure that the request is completed, ensuring you stay compliant with data privacy laws.

  1. From the Enzuzo Privacy Portal home screen, click on the Active Requests

    tab near the top.

    Active Requests Tab Button

  2. Once in the Active Requests section, select the Plus Sign icon located in the top right (among the other blue icons).

    Plus button

  3. You will see a popup appear titled Add User Request to fill in details.

    1. In step one, add the Request Info, then select Next.

    2. In step two, add the User Info and click Submit to add the request to Enzuzo.

  4. The customer data request will now appear in the Active Requests tab. You will now receive reminders, see the status update and how many days are left to complete the request.

Active Requests Tab Button

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